Advancing Open Knowledge

"Jake propelled me to center Wikipedia in my instruction. I'm a librarian at a university and after reading his article I was filled with sudden curiosity about using Wikipedia in the classroom. Over the past two years I've reached out multiple times to Jake seeking advice and I've always been met with his kind enthusiasm. I'm looking forward to watching where Jake goes next, because I'm sure many will follow."

Laurie Bridges

Librarian, Oregon State University

"Jake has been an amazing collaborator and friend. We have accomplished projects that would have been impossible to complete without him. He has a way of bringing out the best in people, pulling together people from differing backgrounds and perspectives and getting them to work effectively together."

James Heilman

Board Member, Wikimedia Foundation

"Jake is an exceptional open knowledge advocate, practitioner, and strategist. I've watched him grow a dream from an exciting idea into an effective plan into an extraordinary movement of organizers around the world. He doesn't just walk his talk, he inspires and supports entire communities as he does so. He is able to bring his social abilities and technical skills together, putting both technical and non-technical folks at ease as they work with open platforms and tools."

Anasuya Sengupta

Co-Director, Whose Knowledge?

"Jake's broad range of skills and experiences meant he was able to quickly, but deeply, understand our work in a way that's rare. After just a few hours working together, I felt like Jake was able to look into my deep into my soul, find what was really going on, bring it to the surface for me, and coach me past it. Jake is someone who mixes strong idealism with incredible pragmatism. Just looking at his track record shows how powerful that is, and I benefited deeply from it when working with him."

Joseph McArthur

Co-Founder, Open Access Button

"After Jake's creating my Wikipedia article and putting my image on Commons, I got so much visibility as a direct trans activist. It's a spotlight for me to show my activism and to improve my activism. It's so difficult as a Dalit to get into this kind of space. Now, so many people are getting awareness about trans issues and are demandng our rights.  And I'm using the Wikipedia article as my bio. It's like you gave an address to all to my activism, all my work."

Grace Banu

Dalit Trans Activist

"Jake has extensive knowledge of Wikipedia's people, projects, practices, and pitfalls. He is ideally positioned to help organizations develop initiatives for engaging with Wikipedia, and supporting Wikipedians-in-Residence. Jake brings a positive and supportive attitude, brainstorming and strategizing, asking insightful questions, and identifying ways to increase effectiveness. I enjoy working with him, and value his guidance and sense of direction."

Mary Mark Ockerbloom

Wikipedian in Residence, Annual Reviews

"The most striking thing about Jake is his ability to build a strategic vision and light a flame to see it made real. Jake has inspired faith at the highest levels, and has rewarded that faith by delivering tangible, impressive results. I trust his vision; I trust his drive; I trust his ability to execute. When Jake tells me something is a good idea, I listen."

Maggie Dennis

VP of Support, Wikimedia Foundation

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