I'm a dedicated, creative entrepreneur.  I love to use my analytical thinking, partnership expertise, communication skills, and strategic leadership to empower online communities and organizations. 

I'm an open knowledge champion.  I believe information should be widely, freely available to help people make informed decisions about their lives while improving scholarship and research literacy.

I'm a maker for social impact I'm passionate about projects and tools that synthesize challenging ideas and offer novel benefits to people in a way that is simple, clever, and effective.

I'm an advocate for mental health.  I care deeply about reducing stigma and increasing paths for treatment and recovery in both people and in society.

I'm an ally.  Through my actions, I seek to recognize and repair historical and present injustices that have kept marginalized people silenced, oppressed, and invisible.


Jake Orlowitz is a seeker of well people and sane societies, an internet citizen, digital project manager, open collaborator, and activist for radical culture change. 

Jake leads WikiBlueprint, a strategic consulting firm advancing open knowledge. He founded and ran The Wikipedia Library, and built The Wikipedia Adventure learning game. For the last half-decade he has written about mental health and recovery on Medium.com and in his book, Welcome to the Circle.

Jake is a native of Main Line Philadelphia and a graduate of Wesleyan University's College of Social Studies.

He lives in Santa Cruz, California with his intrepid wife, stepdaughter, and son. They like to walk along the cliffs of the Monterey Bay, drinking agua fresca, and looking for dolphins and sea otters swimming in the tall kelp. Recovered from a decade of illness that sent him into a mental hospital, Jake is very lucky and very grateful to be able to help others on their journey.

Reach out anytime: jorlowitz@gmail.com.